06 Tips for an Effective Sales Page

06 Pro Tips for an Effective Sales Page 

What is a sales page?

In this article you will learn how to create a perfect sales page without having to use learnybox or any other copywriting service of belly pages, and this gives you the right advice to put on it so that it is the most profitable Possible.

The sales page as you know, has as its initial goal to make the decision make to a potential prospect or customer, to put his hand in the pocket and buy you your product, while the day before, he was completely unaware of its existence 


How do you increase the conversion rate of your sales pages?

First of all, be aware that this article is not a copywriting model of sales pages with empty boxes to fill; you will then have to read it until the end, it is rich in innuendo and advice in the field of commercial psychology that if these come to be absent in your sales pages, you are going to have a hard time converting, let's go and be patient learn to Create an ideal sales page not only for WordPress, shopify or facebook, but simply a sales page that doubles sales and conversions and a model sales page with which you will be able to achieve your goals no matter your niche.

How do I create a sales page?

how to create an effective sales page

So, a good sales page must be a succession of questions, all of which are going to be destined to receive positive answers from your prospects, and the secret would be to start with the ones to which your prospects will answer yes without it engage in nothing, and you gradually raise the stakes and help them to engage gradually until the action of buying seems to them not only a no-brainer, but more than that, a real opportunity not to be missed f

or anything in the world. In this state of mind, we will agree that your sales page is going to have to make your prospects make small decisions one behind the other, until it makes the last small decision to press the command button, while the latter seemed unthinkable

to him at first. Here are some tips to boost your sales pages, so that it convert better and make you sell more products and why not more expensive yet, you will learn therefore, to create a sales page that converts, your vis

itors, prospects into buyers As you know, copywriter, is a trade, but using a professional can cost you all your profits, you can fix it and realize your sales pages easily yourself, and reach your goal more easily than you do the

Let's think about the rules in your sales pages to make them more efficient:


1-Never force your hand to your audience:

create a prodessional sales page

In doing so, you should always offer your products as just, a plus or an extra, so as to make your prospects understand that your product, is certainly interesting, to the extent that it will save them time for example, save them money, … etc. and never be aggressive, insinuating that without your product, all their efforts are going to be in vain, and that without you they will do nothing réus

sir.il should make them just understand that you are already helping them through your articles or training or eBook free, your YouTube channel,… etc. and if they want to move faster to the next step, they can do so by buying your accelerated training for example.

2-Make sure your customers are in full view from the start of the page 

how to hang the customer at the beginning of the sales page

In practical terms; Always start your sales pitch by highlighting the best quality of your product, aim for the greatest needs of your audience that your product met and satisfied, and advertise it at the top of your sales page.

well, you will directly type in the mile and awaken the instinct of your prospects who find before them the solution to their worst problem and this will prompt them to read the rest of your sales page and this is where you will seduce them little by little since you have now caught their attention
,let also another quality of your product that you will announce at the end of the page , to give the impression that your product is just a succession of bargains not to be missed.

3-Your audience should feel present with them when they read your sales page:

how to create a sensational sales page

How is that possible? just add a few lines prominently, which will prompt your prospects to contact you to answer their questions about your product and also specify that you could even give them an appointment online for this; By doing so, your custo

mers are not going to feel they are racing on Ebay and you are providing them with some sort of after-sale service especially if the price of your product is substantial.

4- Let your prospects know that you are the specialist in your field:

Tell your prospects that your product is tailor-made to meet the need of your audience, and that you are offering them an innovative and exclusive product and that they are really lucky to be able to benefit from it, all in finesse of course If not, you're going to look like a charlatan.

5- Create a story around your product,

redirect a sales page that generates the benefit

You're going to have to make your audience understand that you're selling them a result and not just a solution, you have to make them understand that your product is made for them and they're going to have results at any cost, and you're going to highlight these results and not the solution you propose when describing your products or trainin

g For exam
ple if you want to sell accelerated training on painting, you will for example use this expression right after your title:Every

ne wants know how to paint paintings, and put them up for sale on his facebook page, but what they don't know is that they can really do it, in just a month and without the need to take art classes, here is my complete and express training that will allow you to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional painter.

6-Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and never give them lessons:

 make them understand only that you understand them, that you know how much they need a solution to their problem that you will quote them to prove that you know what to talk to you and then make them project into the future, after they have tried your product or bought your training … Etc

For example if this is training to overcome their shyness, you can do this: You are tired

of reading books and watching videos on YouTube that promise to overcome your shyness, but after trying everything, nothing has changed for you? Do you love so much that your friends think you're cool and your secret love becomes, sits on your legs and tells you how great it thinks you are? OK let me just explain why your shyness follows you up and makes you live this hell… and there you will attack by the strong point of your training.


Writing a good sales page, effective and that allows you to sell the maximum of products does not obey any exact science; apart from a few basic structures; laws of human relations and understanding of others
A sales page that converts is a sales page that exudes a certain understanding not only of the product, but also of the customer's need; so make sure to listen to your prospects before writing them a sales page, this will prevent you from offering them a product they do not want and especially solutions has problems that they do not even have.

Good luck

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